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Wellness Care for Your Pet

As part of our high-quality medicine, we provide our patients with personalized wellness and preventive care. In our experience, regular monitoring of your pet is in the very best interest of their current and long-term health.

Our services ensure a detailed look at your pet’s overall health every year. With our caring doctors and thorough support staff, you can rest easy knowing that your pet is in good hands.

Let’s get your pet as healthy as possible.

The Importance of Yearly Pet Checkups

Even the most loving pet parents can’t always protect their pet from trouble, which is why we recommend an annual visit to our hospital. All pets are susceptible to bacteria, parasites, and viruses (even indoor-only pets!), which is why we’ll keep a watchful eye over your pet through yearly appointments.

As part of your pet’s yearly exam, Lancers Square Animal Clinic will…

  • Conduct a physical exam, where one of our veterinarians looks for unusual changes in your pet
  • Test your pet’s blood and fecal matter, where we’ll look for signs of illness, parasites, and any other issues
  • Increase disease immunity through a customized vaccination schedule
  • Prescribe parasite preventatives for your pet for fleas, ticks, and heartworm
  • Study your pet’s behavior, activity levels, diet, then adjust recommendations as needed
  • Answer any questions you have to be the best owner possible!
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A Healthy Pet at Every Age

Your pet might have a recurring health issue or come to us in perfect health. Whatever the diagnosis is, we do our best to help you and your pet diagnose issues early and maintain optimal health.

Our veterinarians treasure long relationships with owners and patients, which is why we adapt our health recommendations to suit your pet’s age.

Veterinary Care—Wherever You Need It

As a commitment to your pet’s health and demonstration of respect for your time, some of our veterinarians will conduct house calls. This way, you can have peace of mind from the comfort of your own home, knowing that your pet is receiving exceptional care no matter what.