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Nutrition Advice for Your Pet

A healthy weight can mean less chronic diseases and a longer life for your pet. We offer nutritional counseling and guidance to keep your pet and the healthiest weight possible.

To help with your pet’s weight management (and specific health disorders), we also offer prescription pet foods. These can be ordered from our clinic or delivered to your door through our online pharmacy.

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Lancers Square Online Pharmacy

Wouldn’t you love one less errand to do?

Check off the errand of picking up pet food or prescriptions when you order through our online pharmacy. We’ll even ship to your door.

Your pet’s at-home health plan is online one click away. Order now!


Love these guys! We rescued a sweet little 3-legged kitty (Captain Jack) from the shelter and took him for his first doctor visit here today, and the staff was just amazing. Everyone was so friendly and treated Captain Jack like royalty. Lancers Square is now our forever vet!

- Lea A

The service, care, and professionalism is always top notch at Lancers Square. The entire staff truly cares about our pets, and we value their opinion to keep our fur babies healthy.

- Katie G

The staff and team at Lancers Square have always provided the best care for our "extended family" through the years. We truly appreciate their top quality care and personal level of service.

- Glenn S


Lancers Square Animal Clinic

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